Care Services


Proactive Care provides these supervised services to the client at home and within Care Facilities:

Daily care visits

Transport and help with appointments

Arranging Doctors visits

Overnight care

Live-in home care

Exercise and social visits

Further medical, meals and full time care can also be discussed and arranged. We have companions readily available to suit clients with varying needs.  As a first step, we like to meet with the client and their family to assess the level of care both expected and required.  From there we can select the right carer/s for each individual client.  Once a carer is chosen, you are welcome to meet with them prior to commencing services, in order to ensure you are happy with the companion selected.  We encourage a high level of communication, and our carers regularly report back on the progress of the client.  

Specialty Services


We have a number of talented staff who are able to offer services that are more specialised such as massage, yoga, palates, and relaxation therapy/breathing therapy that can be done in your home, at your convenience, and can be tailored to your ability or preference.  

If any of these are of interest, please give us a call. Appointments are subject to availability, but please let us know and we can work out something that will be suitable. 


Leah turner / Massage Therapy, Pilates, ‘Bodylight'

"Many years ago I trained in therapeutic massage and worked for an osteopath as his assistant. I use massage in my work, not only for physical relaxation but also because it allows us to find a place of calm and quiet inside. Maybe that is more valuable than most things  in life, especially when we are unwell or we are slowing down in life in our later years.  Sometimes just having your hands or feet massaged can be relaxing and enjoyable, and sometimes, if there are aches and pains, a general massage is what you might like.
More recently, I completed a foundation course in a form of exercise which I believe can be of real assistance in the strength and flexibility of the body, especially the core abdominal muscles which are so helpful  for balance and  the health of the back. It is called Bodylight, and is a combination of three well-established practices:  Pilates, yoga and qi gong." 


Richard Fischer / Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing therapy

Richard has practised and taught yoga for many years now, and regularly takes classes fro people of all ages, tailoring the class to their abilities. This is a great way to stretch and keep those joints and body parts limber throughout your life. Richard also can offer meditation, relaxation and breathing therapies, to help you truly relax. This has been particularly successful with a number of our Parkinsonian clients where Richard has been able to reduce tremors to almost nil. Quite some achievement. 


Theo Clarke / Massage Therapist

Theodora is a professional massage therapist of 25 years experience, specialising in both remedial and deep tissue massage, also myofascial release and trigger point therapy, having trained at Wellpark College, Auckland. She works with people from all walks of life including the young, the pregnant, the elderly, the disabled and able. Massage can bring pain relief and reduce muscular tension. It helps to speed the recovery of muscles that have been overworked or injured. Massage strengthens the immune system and the lymphatic system and reduces stress levels and relaxes the person.

Note: Charges for these services may vary.