Tim Christensen

"Ryan has been visiting my father, every week, for over a year now. He is a skilled, astute, genuine, warm caring person. Ryan eases an enormous burden of responsibility for our family. His regular visits with my father bring an absolutely positive dimension to his life. He "reads" my dad with extraordinary sensitivity and wisdom. He is in-tune with his emotional/physical status, to the extent that he is never an intrusion, and always welcomed by an old man, who can otherwise be quick to dismiss others. We are so totally grateful for his informed, pragmatic, sensitive caring. His visits are certainly the most significant enhancement to my fathers life, that we have ever been fortunate enough to introduce. I wholeheartedly, and unreservedly recommend Ryan and his company Proactive Care, to anyone who wishes to genuinely enhance the quality of life of a loved-one, who is in aged care."

Julie Tills

"Proactive Care works closely with our family as we support our parents through the aging process. 

Demands of our own lives and physical distance make it difficult to visit as often as we would like. 

We are very grateful to proactive care for filling the gap in a professional yet caring and concerned way. It is reassuring to know that dad, in addition to our family visits, can look forward to regular visits from someone who takes the time to listen and find ways to engage just as we do. 

We highly recommend Proactive Care if you are searching for someone trustworthy to enrich the lives of someone you love."